Grounded in excellence, growing through innovation.

Building a custom residential home is about the thousands of things you don’t see but feel.

Our design innovations run deep with new construction techniques and technologies, original materials, unprecedented designs and extraordinary aesthetics.

On average, for homes of the same market price, Red Tree will invest at least five percent more than other builders on materials and techniques.

From exquisite condominiums to multi-million dollar single-family homes all are unified by an emphasis on original design, innovative construction and impeccable craftsmanship.

Our team rises to the challenge every single day to deliver nothing but the very best. They are loyal, they are committed and they are dedicated in every level. We build homes and trust with hands-on service and painstaking attention to detail.

Every Red Tree Custom home is inspired and driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Brett Taylor President & CEO

Brett has led the Red Tree team from the ground up! With over 15 years of hands-on experience in the building industry ranging from concrete flatwork to roofing, structural framing to design and custom homes to commercial retail builds. Brett has been part of Constructing Over 2800 Multifamily units and 300 Single Family Homes. His extensive knowledge in each step of the building process gives him a rare insight into all types of projects. Brett’s passion is Building Science, researching and constructing homes with the leading edge methods and implementing Commercial techniques into Custom Homes. He is consistently coming up with new, innovative designs and strives to bring fresh concepts to every project. Brett oversees daily operations, coordinates all teams/trades and manages client relations.

Christine Taylor Office Manager

Christine’s extensive experience in Customer Service, Office Coordination and Administration has brought her to lead the Red Tree office team for several years. She supervises payables/receivables, accounting and marketing as well as improving procedures and processes.

Lisa Driscoll Controller & Administrative Manager

Lisa is the core of office operations. She is responsible for all account payables/receivables, project estimating, scheduling, general bookkeeping, banking, budgets and financial reports.

Tyler Taylor Site Superintendent

Tyler has several years’ experience in various fields of the construction industry with extensive background in concrete work and framing. He is a few short months away from receiving the ‘Master Home Builder’ designation from the Professional Home Building Association. This along with his site experience makes him a highly qualified and valued part of the Red Tree Team. Tyler is responsible for scheduling & managing all trades and quality control.

Glen Hicks Construction Manager

Glen has over 15 years in the construction industry. He manages many meticulous duties over several sites and is also in charge of all service work in addition to assisting Site Superintendents and CEO.